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30Sep, 2020

Protecting Your Crop Hail Claim: Dangers of the Roadside Adjustment

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Hail damage to corn field near Hastings, Nebraska Every year farmers face multiple weather events that can instantly undo the hard work of planting and maintaining a crop.  Widespread drought and flooding can wipe out entire crops across a large area.  On the other hand, hail and wind [...]

21May, 2020

Refresher on Nebraska Ag Liens Part 9: Agricultural Production Lien

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- A lien for the supplier of agricultural inputs for production of livestock or crops As we discussed, the agricultural production lien-notification can provide additional security on a debt for chemicals, feed, seed, petroleum, electricity or labor used in the production of livestock or crops.  However, the lien-notification statement does [...]

21Apr, 2020

Refresher on Nebraska Ag Liens Part 8: Agricultural Production Lien-Notification Statement

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  - A lien for the supplier of agricultural inputs for production of livestock or crops On first look, the agricultural input lien may seem redundant to the fuel, fertilizer, pesticide, seed and electricity liens.  However, the agricultural input lien can provide additional priority against other creditors in protecting a [...]

16Apr, 2020

Of Course Ag on the List: Identifying Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19:

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I know we’ve all had a fair share of questions regarding what is an “essential business” that would be allowed to remain open if the Nebraska Governor issued a shelter in place/shutdown order. While Gov. Ricketts has said he doesn’t intend to issue such an order, as we know, things [...]

26Mar, 2020

Why Your COVID-19 Planning Should Include Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finances

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  At LDM, we share all the concerns of every family and business as our country faces this unprecedented time in our lives. We echo the reassurance of health care experts that we can all get through this together. We add to that our commitment to continue addressing the legal [...]

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