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30 Mar, 2023

Life at LDM | Attorney Spotlight, William R. Settles

2023-03-30T14:50:07-05:00March 30th, 2023|Latest News, Life at LDM|

William R. Settles, Partner Describe your career trajectory Until my junior year in college, I thought I was going to be a doctor. Once I recognized my aversion to blood and sick people, I needed something different to do. I tagged along with my roommate to a moot court presentation and found I really enjoyed it. Two years later I was a first-year law student at Notre Dame [...]

24 Feb, 2023

Life at LDM | Attorney Spotlight, Callie A. Kanthack

2023-02-24T14:55:07-06:00February 24th, 2023|Latest News, Life at LDM|

Callie A. Kanthack, Attorney How have you advanced professionally since joining our team? Since being hired as an LDM Associate, I have had the opportunity to build and improve my litigation skills. During my first year, I took depositions, argued motions, second-chaired a trial, and wrote an appellate brief. Through this experiential learning process, I have received one-on-one feedback from LDM Partners and developed professional relationships among members [...]

3 Jan, 2023

Life at LDM | Attorney Spotlight, Bryony J. Whitaker

2023-01-03T08:44:57-06:00January 3rd, 2023|Latest News, Life at LDM|

Bryony J. Whitaker, Attorney What is your definition of success? I define success as maintaining a happy family life with my husband and two pups, balanced with a dynamic career where I’m dealt new challenges. Not to harp on the alleged mythical unicorn that is the ‘work life balance’ bandwagon, but I really do believe it is possible! Something that I’m still learning as I go along is [...]

4 Nov, 2022

Life at LDM | Attorney Spotlight, Kyle Wallor

2022-11-04T11:02:34-05:00November 4th, 2022|Latest News, Life at LDM|

Kyle Wallor, Partner Describe your career trajectory. In August 1994, I packed all my belongings into a 1984 Volvo 240DL and hauled them 1,400 miles from the beaches of Narragansett, Rhode Island to the mean streets of Mid-Town Omaha, Nebraska. All of that to attend Creighton Law School. (That 240DL was a sexy ride, just Google it). Thanks to our very own Frank Schepers calling in a favor [...]

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