Ellen K. Geisler

Ellen K. Geisler, Attorney

What is your definition of success?

Working hard and seeing results. Results are not always immediate and often it is the slow day-to-day grind that pays off in the long run. Success does not happen overnight.

What’s the most unique part about working at LDM?

There’s no one-size-fits all approach. In my experience, the firm embraces that each individual has different strengths that they bring to the table. I enjoy getting to be creative in my practice and having the opportunity to think outside the box on legal issues and strategy. There are always a multitude of decisions to be made in this line of work, and every attorney at the firm has their own unique style and past experiences informing those decisions. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many talented attorneys.

What’s one thing — either industry-related or not — you learned in the last month?

Nothing is as daunting as it seems. Sometimes the most difficult thing is getting beyond my own preconceived notions of what something should look like, whether that be a successful deposition, oral argument, or trial. I’ve learned the importance of accepting that I am not going to sound or act just like everyone else and that is okay, and, in fact, a good thing!

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting their career?

The only way to learn is by doing. If you can recognize early on that setbacks or unexpected hurdles are really camouflaged opportunities for growth, you’ll be much better off a few years down the road. Embracing the fact that not every deposition, hearing, or settlement discussion will go how you anticipate is an important part to the process of practicing law.

What are you currently reading, listening to or binge-watching?

I am currently listening to a Spotify playlist entitled “High Energy Mix” on repeat. Recently, I have been winding down most nights watching re-runs of The Golden Girls.