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17May, 2024


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In an opinion issued this March, the Nebraska Supreme Court strengthened contractors’ rights to file liens to protect their interests in property upon which they performed work. The case was Nore Electric v. S&H Holdings, 316 Neb. 197 (2024). In that case, the Court held that an owner could not [...]

7May, 2024

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: Insurance Policies for Addressing Risks on Construction Projects

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By: Callie A. Kanthack Construction projects involve significant risks to owners, designers, and contractors.  Many of these risks are allocated in the parties’ contracts.  Risks may also be allocated to insurance companies through policies. By providing coverage for losses, insurance companies protect against certain financial losses and may also indemnify [...]

5Mar, 2024

Not So Guaranteed: Can Small Losses Render a Sizable Liquidated Damages Provision Unenforceable?

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A “Liquidated Damages” provision should be a key part of your playbook when entering a construction contract. These damages typically apply when a party misses a performance deadline. The value of damages is usually expressed in a certain amount of dollars per day. Liquidated Damages are intended to avoid the [...]

24Jan, 2024

Wages for Federal Construction Projects: New Requirements Under Davis-Bacon Act and Executive Order 14026

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How much are you paying your employees?  Wages for federally-funded construction projects have increased under the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts and Executive Order 14026. The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (“DBRA”) applies to contractors and subcontractors performing work on federally-funded or assisting with contracts in excess of $2,000.00 for the construction, [...]

2Jan, 2024

Your Contract Terms Should Not Be “Standard”

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Many clients come through our doors because a project has gone wrong due to obligations they unknowingly take on after signing “industry standard” contracts. Standard industry contracts make for good starting points, but careful contractors will want to move beyond, or at least study, the “typical” terms in a contract [...]

8Dec, 2023

Open Communication and Good Contracts Keep the Peace

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It is a common occurrence for a home construction project to encounter delays, whether due to a change in project scope, weather conditions, delayed building materials, or a labor shortage. These delays can cause problems which can be avoided with a simple concept: open communication and clear provisions in a [...]

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