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31Oct, 2022

How to Get 12% Interest on Construction Liens

By |October 31st, 2022|Categories: Construction Contractor Advisor, Construction Lien, Nebraska Construction Law|Tags: , |0 Comments

You know the construction project is not going well when you are considering filing a construction lien. However, here is a little light at the end of the tunnel—you can now demand that the property owner pay you 12% annual interest on your claim from the date you filed your [...]

6Jul, 2022

Working on Federal Projects—Beware of the Sovereign Acts Doctrine

By |July 6th, 2022|Categories: Construction Contractor Advisor, Federal Construction Projects|Tags: , |0 Comments

Contractors working on federal projects continue to face losses caused by COVID.  Recovering these losses is proving difficult and the Sovereign Acts Doctrine may make it even more difficult. The Sovereign Acts Doctrine balances the government’s dual role in acting as a contractor and the sovereign.  When the sovereign takes [...]

1Jun, 2022

Do you have insurance coverage for that?

By |June 1st, 2022|Categories: Construction Contractor Advisor, Construction Insurance, Latest News|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Contractors are often surprised to learn that they do not have insurance coverage if the materials they provide fail.  A recent case out of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (which oversees Alabama, Florida and Georgia), upheld the trial court’s ruling that a contractor’s insurer was not required to cover [...]

27Apr, 2022

Beware of Waiving Your Arbitration Rights Through Your Conduct

By |April 27th, 2022|Categories: Arbitration, Construction Contractor Advisor|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Contractors are no strangers to arbitration or mediation clauses in construction contracts.  These provisions clearly identify the process for dispute resolution at the outset of a project rather than having to deal with disputes over how to resolve disputes.  However, a recent case in Florida illustrates the importance of following [...]

15Apr, 2022

The Department of Labor is Updating Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage Regulations

By |April 15th, 2022|Categories: Construction Contractor Advisor, Davis Bacon Act, Federal Construction Projects|Tags: , |0 Comments

Last month, the US Department of Labor issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to update the Davis-Bacon wage regulations.  Specifically, the Department proposes to amend regulations issued under the Davis-Bacon that set forth rules for the pre-determination of Davis-Bacon wage rates. The Davis-Bacon Act, created in 1931, requires contractors and [...]

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