17 Jan, 2012

Are you required to be licensed as an Omaha Contractor?

2012-01-17T11:44:56-06:00January 17th, 2012|Contractor Registration|

We have gotten a number of questions about whether subcontractors have to be licensed with the City of Omaha. The short answer is maybe. Below are some specifics on the ordinance. Do I need a license? Only the contractor overseeing a project must be licensed. So, if you are a subcontractor on a project that is being run by a general contractor that has an Omaha license, you do not [...]

27 Jul, 2011

Contractor Registration – It Applies to You

2011-07-27T09:11:49-05:00July 27th, 2011|Construction Law, Contractor Registration, Nebraska Construction|

If you are a contractor doing business in Nebraska, you should be registered under the Contractor Registration Act. Although the registration requirements are not difficult, the penalties for failing to register can be significant.Under the Contractor Registration Act , all contractors performing work in Nebraska, both Nebraska and out of state companies, must be registered with the Department of Labor and obtain a registration number. The registration process is available on-line [click here] [...]

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