We have gotten a number of questions about whether subcontractors have to be licensed with the City of Omaha. The short answer is maybe. Below are some specifics on the ordinance.

Do I need a license?

Only the contractor overseeing a project must be licensed. So, if you are a subcontractor on a project that is being run by a general contractor that has an Omaha license, you do not need a license. For example, if you are a drywall subcontractor on a commercial project run by a general contractor that has a license, you will not need to be licensed.

Do I have to be licensed if I hire out directly to the home owner?

Yes, you will have to be licensed. If you are doing work for hire, and there is no licensed contractor above your company in the chain of command, you will need a license.

Does everyone in my company need to be licensed?

No, only one person in the company needs to be licensed.

When will Omaha require a license?

Omaha’s ordinance will go into effect on March 1, 2012. So, if you are required to be licensed, you must complete the examination and application process by that date.

Can I use my license with the State of Nebraska as my Omaha license?

No, you cannot use your State license to comply with Omaha’s licensure requirements. The State’s license is primarily for worker’s compensation compliance, and Omaha does not recognize this license for its licensing requirements.

Where do I take the exam for the license?

Omaha’s Planning Department’s website, here, directs you to the International Code Council, here, for access to the on-line test. At the time of this posting, Omaha has not posted its own test, but allows contractors to take Bellevue’s test for licensing purposes.

If you have any questions about Omaha’s contractor licensing requirements, feel free to give us a call.