Mark E. Novotny

Partner Mark E. Novotny presented at the 2024 Creighton University/CHI Maternal Child Health Conference at Lakeside Hospital on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. This annual program is designed to provide education to nurses on various issues that impact the care delivered to the neonatal, pediatric and maternal population and to advance the quality of care provided in the hospital and clinic settings.

Mr. Novotny spoke to 117 obstetrical labor and delivery nurses, advanced practice, nurses and midwives discussing issues of risk management, medical malpractice claims and medical record documentation. He discussed examples of actual claims and litigated matters concerning neonatal, pediatric and maternal health care. Mr. Novotny provided a checklist to ensure patients are obtaining proper care, and to reduce risk of dissatisfaction and patient claims. Click here to learn more about Mark Novotny or to contact him directly.