After a three year experiment as Vice President and General Counsel at a long time client, I’m back to practicing law at Lamson Dugan & Murray. It was an amazing three years and I learned first hand how hard it is to deal with the day to day operations of a company, let alone the legal details.

For the past three years, I was a jack of all trades, and, as the saying goes, master of none.  I oversaw human resources and learned first hand how difficult it is to document every personnel decision and how the failure to document that one situation can bite you in the rear.  I oversaw benefits and learned how hard it can be to get a summary plan description drafted, let alone handed out to every employee and documenting that they all received it.  I oversaw finance, and learned how difficult it can be to compile documentation in support of a tax credit after the employee responsible for compiling those documents during the past year unexpectedly departed.  I experienced first hand the challenges that companies large and small deal with.

In a nut shell, I GET IT–so much more than I did three years ago.  The easy part for attorneys is giving advice, but I now realize how hard it can be to follow that advice, especially when it takes more time, more documentation or a change in current operations.  I have a much better appreciation of your headaches and hope I can now be of even greater assistance to you and your company.

I look forward to reaching out to old clients and new over the next few months to (re)connect and share war stories about keeping a business running, efficiently and legally.

As the old song goes, “I’m back in the saddle again, out where a friend is a friend.” Talk to you soon.