Dan Hassing, an associate in the firm, recently received a defense verdict after a one and one-half day jury trial in the Douglas County District Court.  The case involved a side-swipe car accident that occurred in Omaha.  Our client was travelling in the left lane of a two-lane street.  When our client sought to merge from the left lane into the right lane, our client hit a car that was in her blind spot in the right lane.  There was a factual dispute as to the severity of the accident and the damage sustained to the cars.

The evidence was that six days after the accident, the plaintiff began treatment with a chiropractor. That chiropractor then referred plaintiff for a series of MRI’s.  The plaintiff was also referred for physical therapy. All told, plaintiff’s medical treatment spanned about several months and exceeded $10,000.00.

At trial, the defense admitted negligence but denied that the negligence had been the cause of any damages.  After a trial that spanned one and one-half days, the jury agreed and awarded Mr. Hassing and the client a defense verdict.

Mr. Hassing is an associate in the Firm and is just one of many younger up-and-coming attorneys in the Firm who will be providing effective representation and obtaining favorable results for our clients for many years to come.