LDM would like to congratulate our very own E. Benjamin Nelson on receiving the Distinguished Nebraskalander Award on Saturday night in Lincoln. The dinner was held in the Capitol Rotunda.  The setting was beautiful and majestic, with art deco mosaics of Nebraska scenes over our heads and under our feet. 

Governor Ricketts presented the award to Ben after the Legislative Resolution was read.  The Resolution, adopted by the Unicameral, cited just a few of Ben’s many achievements for the State of Nebraska. 

Governor Ricketts noted many of Ben’s past accomplishments.  He also cited Ben’s unfailing courtesy and bi-partisan support for Nebraska’s interest as both Governor and as U.S. Senator.  The Governor talked about all the work Ben has done on behalf of Nebraskans in his many years of public service.  He mentioned Ben’s support of the University and greater Nebraskan agriculture.  Also Governor Ricketts talked about how much of a mentor Ben has been, and that Ben has generously given his time and advice to Governor Ricketts when he was new to the job.   

At the podium, Ben talked about his lovely wife, Diane, and thanked her for all her work on behalf of the State too.  He also thanked Lamson Dugan and Murray.    

Finally Ben talked about what makes Nebraska so great. He said that we can have divisions in our ideas, and divisions in our parties, but not divisions in our people.  It was a fitting note to end the evening.  Ben’s closing remarks made us all very proud to be a Nebraskan.  And it also made us very proud to know Ben and have him be a member of our Firm.  Congratulations Ben!