Have you received a letter from a union claiming you are not paying area standard wages? Have the picketers started visiting your worksite? What’s a company to do?

Well, if the picketers are already on your doorstep, you have some catching up to do. If you haven’t received the letter, yet, there is time and plenty to do to prepare your company for a union campaign.

There are a number of preliminary steps an employer can take to express its union free philosophy to its employees. One effective way is to include a company philosophy statement on unionization in the employee handbook. This statement explains the importance of good communication and fair treatment for all employees, and how unionization is not the best interests of employees, the company, and customers.

Once you have a union free policy in place, you must communicate this policy to your employees. Even if you are not in the midst of a union campaign, the sooner you hold this meeting the better. During this meeting you can explain the reasoning behind your union free philosophy. You can also discuss union authorization cards and the tactics unions use to get these cards signed. You may also mention that Nebraska is a right to work state and employees cannot be required to join a union. Ultimately, you want your employees to fully understand the significance of signing a union card and provide them with some options if they are approached to sign cards.

Finally, you should discuss the competitive advantage your company has by being union free. Discuss the bids you are able to win because of your current structure. Explain that unionization may require the company to increase its bids and could result in the company not winning as many bids. And, fewer bids would mean less work for employees.

Union campaigns can be stressful time. But, if you have educated your supervisors and employees, you stand a much better chance of defeating a union campaign. If you have any thoughts on dealing with union campaigns, I’d like to hear them. Please send me a comment or give me a call.