20 Dec, 2012

Claiming Liquidated Damages

2012-12-20T08:00:50-06:00December 20th, 2012|Breach of Contract|

A recent case out of Tennessee raised the question of whether claims for liquidated damages were subject to the contract's claim procedure time limits. The Tennessee Court of Appeals held that the owner waived its claim for liquidated damages because it did not follow the claim procedure. I'm sure that came as a surprise to the owner. In this case, the owner claimed it was entitled to $237,000 in liquidated damages [...]

9 Aug, 2012

What Happens if the Person Signing the Contract Doesn’t Have the Authority to Sign?

2012-08-09T16:05:57-05:00August 9th, 2012|Breach of Contract, Government Contracting|

You have to deal with a big mess.  A recent case from the Board of Contract Appeals illustrates some problems that can occur.  In CPR Restoration, LLC v. Department of Veterans Affairs, CPR performed $280,000.00 worth of restoration and cleaning services and then sought payment from the VA. The VA refused, claiming that the individual that signed the contract was not authorized to sign the contract. CPR brought a claim [...]

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