At the annual meeting of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel (NARTC), Nichole S. Bogen was elected the Central Region Vice President for 2020-2021. Ms. Bogen also serves on the Executive Committee. The NARTC is a 66 year-old organization made up of the top railroad trial attorneys from across the United States and Canada. Membership in NARTC is limited to lawyers who handle litigation and/or related matters for railroads or their affiliated entities, or who handle litigation of other legal matters directly affecting railroads. Over the past 29 years, Lamson Dugan and Murray lawyers have ridden trains, written contracts, thrown switches, learned operating rules, walked yards and right of ways, and defended the railroad industry. We have defended railroads in a variety of claims such as employee injury claims, strict liability cases, employment law and statutory retaliation and whistleblower claims, trespasser and nuisance claims, and catastrophic injury and crossing accident cases. We have collected property damage under the Carmack Amendment, obtained contribution on third party claims, and enforced provisions in additional insured clauses in vendors’ insurance policies.

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