Starting June 8, 2020, the US Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office will be open for public access. There are some requirements and restrictions on courthouse entry pursuant to US District Court’s – District of  Nebraska,  General Order 2020-10 and 2020-11. Every person entering the courthouse will be asked if they have reviewed the posted risk factors and if any apply. If so, the individual will be barred from entering the courthouse, unless given permission by the agency with which the person has business.

We will continue to hold most of the court hearings telephonically, with only a limited number of individuals in the courtroom. As we start to schedule trials, courtroom protocol will be established to provide for the cleanest and safest environment for all.

General Order No. 2020-10 In Re POLICY ON MANDATORY USE OF FACE COVERINGS and General Order 2020-11 In Re RESTRICTIONS ON COURTHOUSE ENTRY DUE TO COVID-19 have been posted on the court’s website under News/Announcements.

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