Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Below is the Administrative Order signed April 6, 2020, by Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican regarding Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease.

Read the Second Order:  4.6.20 – Administrative Order Regarding Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease

“The Nebraska Judicial Branch remains committed to public safety and to protecting the constitutional rights of individuals. Crime does not stop during an emergency. Likewise, the need to address child neglect and administer juvenile justice continues, as does the need for emergency protection orders. The need to protect vulnerable adults also remains. Because these needs, along with a host of other issues, can only be addressed by our courts and trial judges, it is essential that our state courts continue to operate during the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 public health emergency.”

…From Chief Justice Heavican, 3.20.20 Our State Courts Remain Open

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