I know we’ve all had a fair share of questions regarding what is an “essential business” that would be allowed to remain open if the Governor issued a shelter in place/shutdown order.  While Gov. Ricketts has said he doesn’t intend to issue such an order, as we know, things change.  The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in the Dept. of Homeland Security put together guidance on the essential critical infrastructure workforce that identifies critical infrastructures sectors and the essential workers needed to maintain the services and functions. The guidance is only advisory.

A copy is attached.  This is a link to the website with additional information.

The goal of the guidance “to help state and local governments and the private sector ensure that employees essential to operations of critical infrastructure can continue working with as little interruption as possible.”

As you will see for each sector, they break down the type of workers needed.

Obviously, since this is only advisory the state could choose not to adopt the guidance, but it may at least provide some information as to what may be considered essential.

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