Construction projects are still humming along in the Midwest.  But, this is only happening with construction companies making adjustments to their daily operations to protect employee safety.  Here are a few measures the industry is taking to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to employees.

  • AGC is recommending a nationwide Safety Stand-Down
  • ABC is recommending Covid-19 based Tool Box Talks;
  • alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wash stations throughout the worksite;
  • requiring and enforcing social distancing;
  • enforcing a Zero-Tolerance for Working Sick Policy;
  • increased cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces, high traffic areas, equipment, tools and vehicles;
  • allow for staggered starts and shift rotations, where possible;
  • strengthened glove policy requirements, mandating the use of “coated gloves”;
  • mandating additional PPE where construction activity does not permit adequate social distancing;
  • health screening questionnaires at jobsite entry gates

Employee safety has always been a corner stone of the construction industry.  Let’s make sure we are doing all that we can to foster a safe work environment and help employees avoid COVID-19.  Work safe.