We are all feeling the impact of the Corona virus, either because we or someone we know has been exposed or it is causing changes to our schedules.  Have you given any thought about how the schedule on your project will be impacted? This could come in the way of a reduced labor force or scarcity of building materials.  Perhaps it’s time to look at your contract to see how delays will be addressed.

Here are some questions to ask as you consider the Corona virus impact:

  • What kind of delays should I anticipate for my work?
    • Will my labor force be reduced?
    • Will I be able to get materials timely?
  • Does my contract address delays over which I have no control?
  • Do I need to provide notice of anticipated delays?
  • Can I get the schedule extended because of the delay?
  • Can I increase the Contract Sum because of delays?

There is no question that construction projects will be impacted by the Corona virus.  Getting in front of the problem with a proactive review of your contract and making sure you are complying with its terms is one step to minimize the impact of any upcoming delays.

If you need help reviewing your contract or want to discuss your options, we recommend that you contact an experienced construction attorneys to help.