LDM recently secured affirmance of a judgment in its client’s favor.  The case related to the value of a departing partner’s ownership interest in a national law firm.  LDM’s trial team – consisting of  Brian J. Brislen and Daniel P. Chesire – alongside co-counsel James J. Banks of Banks & Watson in Sacramento California, persuaded the court to adopt the client’s position on all issues raised by the departing partner.  That included the valuation of the interest in the partnership for which the departing partner sought almost $5,000,000 (eight times more than the ultimate determination of the trial court).  On appeal, the trial team (assisted by Cathy S. Trent-Vilim on brief) defended the judgment before the Nebraska Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court rejected each of the partner’s five assigned errors.  It found that there was no breach of the partnership contact and that the value of the departing partners interest was the amount proffered by the firm at trial.