LDM business and commercial trial lawyers Brian Brislen and Eric Tiritilli received a jury verdict in favor of an LDM client on all issues.  The case was a unique replevin case tried in Platte County District Court in front of the Honorable Robert Steinke.  Our client’s farm vehicles, 2005 and 2014 Mack Truck Feedwagons, were fraudulently pledged as collateral to a bank to collateralize a sizable personal loan to a third party.  The bank sought possession of the vehicles to satisfy its loss when the third party failed to make payments on the loan.  At an earlier proceeding, the bank was awarded possession of one of the vehicles which it later sold at auction for $95,000.

The jury awarded possession and rightful ownership of both vehicles at issue to LDM’s client.  As a result of the prior sale of the vehicle, which the bank was able to possess, the jury awarded LDM’s client the entire sale price of $95,000.