See the adorable blonde holding the I-phone? 

That is my daughter Katie O’Brien

She is a writer, producer and actor on the TV Land series called “TEACHERS.”


PREMIER: JANUARY 13 ~ 9:30 p.m. 


Read what critics and writers have said:

“…long stretches of genuine hilarity…”   – We Got This Covered

“…it’s funny more often than expected.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“It’s not only a hilarious and, at times, dark look at the world of being an elementary school teacher, it’s groundbreaking.”  – SplitSider

A Dozen Cool Things to See, Hear, Read and Download – Teachers is #5 Top Pick for the Week of January 11-8, 2016 – PEOPLE Magazine

“The women in this bubbly show have other things to worry about than young minds – dating for one.” – PEOPLE Magazine

One of “20 Shows To Keep On Your Radar Screen” – New York Times

Most Promising New Dramas and Comedies of the Year – Teachers is #5  – Fort Worth Telegram

The Most Anticipated Shows of 2016 – Teachers is  #4 – Variety

“…industry types who’ve sampled the show early have been raving with laughter.”  – Variety


What does this have to do with insurance?  Absolutely nothing.  I am just a very proud mama.  Katie is 27 and has two prime time TV shows in production where she is a writer and executive producer.  She currently has a pilot for NBC in production called “Young Widow.”

Why is she so successful at such a young age? Talent for sure; she is smart and she is a good writer.  But she also possesses that good ol’ Midwestern work ethic.  She follows through on a project.  She meets her deadlines.  She treats people kindly.  She is a thoughtful person with a positive outlook on life.   That, my Dear Readers, is the magic formula for success.

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