I often advise clients on the use of E-Verify and the importance of getting policies and Craig Martin, Construction Attorney, Lamson Dugan and Murray, LLPprocedures in place to ensure compliance.  This is particularly true for clients that do federal and state work.  Now it’s my turn to follow my own advice.

I was recently appointed to represent the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects.  As such, I am a contractor for the State of Nebraska.  That means I have to use E-Verify.

Here is a refresher of “our” E-Verify obligations as a contractor for the State.

Nebraska adopted an E-Verify law in 2009.  Nebraska statute section 4-114 requires all contractors that are awarded a contract by a state agency or political subdivision to register with ta federal immigration verification system. Although not explicit in the statute, the Department of Labor has indicated that the obligation to E-Verify applies only to new employees that will be working on the project.

If you have yet to enroll in E-Verify, the Department of Labor has information an E-Verify website that should answer all of your questions.  Here is a summary of an employer’s obligations under E-Verify:

Overall, enrolling in E-Verify is not difficult. But, it does bring about a fundamental change to the way you on-board new employees.  If you plan on, or are already doing, work for the State of Nebraska, it’s time to get enrolled in E-Verify.