The Deck–not quite done

I had the pleasure of spending the 4th of July weekend working on a friend’s deck. Fortunately for her, and for my son and me, it was not a big project.  It just involved replacing the decking, steps and railings.  An old adage was reinforced for me this weekend–it’s better to have someone that knows what he’s doing handle some projects, than someone who dabbles in it.

I have no doubt this project took my son and I a lot longer than an experienced deck builder.  I also know that our finished product, while tolerable, is nowhere near the quality of experienced craftsmen.  Can we measure a board and cut it to length? Most of the time.  But, can we miter an edge, notch a post, or rip a board?  Not very well.  These are the kinds of skills that are achieved after training and hours of experience.

The same is true for your construction business.  I hear stories all the time about construction professionals reviewing and redrafting contract terms, drafting settlement agreements, and handling their own tax audits.  But, have you had the proper training and years of experience for the project.  Or is it more like me behind the saw—hoping that the board fits?

The problem with construction contracts, settlement agreements and even audits, is that you can’t go out and buy another board.  You are stuck with the deal you struck.

Take Away: Give some thought to your construction company’s operations.  Are there areas where you would be better served by hiring the right professional for the job?