I love working as a construction attorney because I get to work with clients who love what they do. As a construction attorney, I have the privilege of working with individuals who have taken their passion, created a business, and are striving for success. These individuals, that love the trade, love the work, but hate the legal red tape, are the reason I love doing what I do.

I was reminded of how lucky I am to be working with such great individuals in a recent article in the latest edition of Associated Builders and Contractors Construction Executive. This article highlighted Matthew Ramonoff, an electrician who grew up in the business and has grown the business to $65 million in sales in 2014 and a workforce of 400 employee. As noted in the article, this is a tremendous jump from the dozen or so craft professionals he started working with in 1993.

Although it not mentioned in the article, I am sure that Mr. Romanoff has an attorney or two who have provided him with counsel over the years that helped his company grow. Whether it was advice on how to deal with a problem employee, union organization, contract drafting, to succession planning, I have no doubt that there are some construction attorneys who had the pleasure of working with a client who was passionate about his trade and had the opportunity to watch a client grow exponentially over the years.

For me, nothing brings me more joy than helping a client work through the growing pains of becoming a successful company, whatever the trade. It is these hardworking individuals, like Mr. Romanoff, that make it a pleasure for me to come to work and help construction companies succeed and grow.  Thank you.