Tuesday, March 10, 2015

 Best Practices in Construction Seminar

La Vista Conference Center

12520 Westport Parkway, La Vista, Nebraska‎

Goldleaf Surety is sponsoring a seminar on Construction Best Practices.  I will be presenting on the following topics:

Lien Claims in Nebraska and Iowa

  • Filing a lien may prove to be one of your best protections to get paid. But, doing it right is crucial to getting paid. During this presentation, we will discuss the differences between filing liens in Nebraska and Iowa, and how to make sure you get it right in both states. A few of the topics we will discuss are:
    • Who Can File?
    • When Do I File a Lien?
    • Where Do I File a Lien?
    • What Should the Lien Contain?
    • What Notices Do I Have to Provide?

Effective Project Documentation

  • How you document a project can make the difference between a successful claim and a waste of time. During this presentation, we will discuss practices that you can implement to better position your company to pursue claims. Our discussion will include:
    • Contract Summary Sheets
    • Contract Summary Sheets
    • Best Practices for Project Files
    • Supporting your Claim

Beware of These Construction Clauses

  • Construction contracts are full of dangerous provisions, which if enforced, could cause significant problems to the project and your operations. During this presentation, we will discuss the most hotly contested contract clauses and how you can better prepare your company to address these provisions. A few of the provisions we will discuss are:
    • Notice and Claim Procedures
    • Claim Waivers and Releases w/ Pay Applications
    • No Damage for Delay
    • Consequential Damages
    • Waiver
    • No Limit Liquidated Damages
    • Pay-if-Paid
    • Default for Convenience
    • Indemnification

There is no charge for the seminar.  We hope to see you there.