On December 12, 2014, the NLRB announced that its final rules on the “Quickie” Electionnlrb-logo will be published on December 15, 2014, and will take effect April 15, 2015.  The most significant impact of the new rules will be to shorten the time from election for union representation from approximately 40 days to 10 to 14 days.

The NLRB’s press release stated that the rules are aimed at streamlining and speeding up union-organizing elections.  A few significant aspects of the final rule include:

  • Employers must provide the names and contact information about employees immediately upon the filing of a petition;
  • Employers must voice objections to the petition within a few days, or face the threat of waiver;
  • Employers may no longer seek pre-election review of Regional Office decisions;
  • Election petitions may be electronically filed.

The NLRB’s Fact Sheet contains additional information about the final election rules.

Take Away: The NLRB’s new election rules will have a significant impact on how employers respond to union organizing attempts.  Most importantly, employer responses will have to be quick.

Authored by Craig MartinLamson, Dugan & Murray, LLP.