Associated General Contractors recently reported that employment expanded in 65% of iStock_000026230597Smallthe metro areas it surveyed. While this is great news for the construction industry, of great concern is that 25% of the companies responding to the survey noted that they were turning down jobs because of labor shortages.

The survey revealed that construction management employees, including project managers, supervisors, and superintendents, are in the shortest supply, followed closely by carpenters, equipment operators and estimators. The shortage in these positions is so severe that over 80% of the responders indicated that they were willing to increase wages to obtain the skilled labor.

The labor shortages reported by contractors and subcontractors emphasize the need to actively pursue training programs to help prepare future construction workers. As set forth in AGC’s Workforce Development Plan, government officials at the local and national level must adopt measures that would make it easier for schools, construction companies and even AGC chapters to establish training programs.

Labor shortages in the construction industry are looming on the horizon.  Training programs must be revitalized and expanded or the labor shortage will only get worse.