Tax fraudAn increasing number of doctors have reported that they have been targets of tax fraud.  Here’s what happens: you, happy that it is April 15, go to file your tax return.  The IRS kindly informs you that your return has already been filed.  What is this, you think?  Has my accountant already handled this?  The IRS then gives you some odd news: you were awarded a large refund.  As reported by Krebs on Security, 111 doctors in New Hampshire have reported this occurring.

The scam involves stolen social security numbers, which allows for the refunds to be filed and claimed.  The refunds typically are issued via prepaid debit cards.

There have been reports of this type of fraud from Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont.

There is speculation that some sort of database was breached/hacked as the claims all involve clinicians, as opposed to support staff such as HR or marketing.

Resolving the issue will take time and the always pleasant idea of working with the IRS.  If this has happened to you, a call to your accountant and attorney would be a good idea.