1.  Alien Abductions.

alien abductinoYes, it is true. If you feel as though this is an event that is in the realm of possibility for you, Lloyd’s of London will sell you a policy to coverage damages and loss when you are abducted.

2.  Runaway Brides. 

runaway bride

Travelers and other insurers are now offering nuptial insurance that covers typical wedding catastrophes such as a bankrupt caterer or a bride or groom with a change of heart.

3.  Immaculate Conceptions.

immaculate conception

A British insurance company in 2006 actually sold insurance to three women to cover damages in the event of a virgin birth.  The policy agreed to cover the cost of raising any child born of an immaculate conception, if it could be proven.  The Catholic Church and women’s groups protested.  The insurer later withdrew the coverage and cancelled the policy.

4.  Holes-in-One.

hole in one

Contest insurance is relatively common.  Many insurers underwrite contests that have a rare chance of success.  Ever wondered how fundraisers could offer such large monetary prizes if a golfer hits a hole-in-one during the tourney?  They organizers bought insurance coverage, that is how!!!

5.  Beards.


Finally, in the wild and wooly category, 40 members of the Derbyshire Whiskers Club in England insured their beards against fire and theft.   Yes, this is true.  Apparently no one consulted their wives or girlfriends, who would have confirmed that they have no redeeming value whatsoever.


You can insure almost anything of “value” or any “risk” for the right amount of money.