Six people.  That’s the number of people who registered with the new healthcare website on Day 1 of its unveiling.  Documents released yesterday by the House of Representatives showed this number modestly increased to 248 individuals successfully enrolled on Day 2 of the rollout.

These numbers shine a light on the rocky introduction of President Obama’s health care legislation to the American people.  Criticisms of the new healthcare law include the fact that many Americans won’t be able to renew very high-deductible plans or other coverage that the President has called substandard.

Even so, the President has been steadfast in his opinion that overall, the Affordable Healthcare Act is a better fix for a broken system.  Speaking in Boston yesterday, the President maintained his defense of the healthcare law and encouraged people to “shop around” for comparable coverage.  According to the President, people are likely to find better insurance plans for the same price or less.

Only time will tell if the President’s optimistic outlook will prove true.