We are again in the midst of governmental shutdown. And again, construction iStock_000017269677XSmallcompanies are concerned about how the shutdown will impact their operations. A number of agencies, including Homeland Security, Department of Labor, OSHA, and the OFCCP have shut down significant portions of their operations.

Governmental agencies submitted their contingency plans to the Office of Management and Budget, which in turn posted them on its website. Associated General Contractors (AGC) also summarized a few key agency contingency plans in a recent e-mail and on its website.

Below are a few of the contingency plans that may impact your operations:

E-Verify: The E-verify program is not accessible during the shutdown. So, employers may not enroll in E-verify or verify employment eligibility during the shutdown. Here is the link to the E-verify page.

Wage & Hour Division: All wage and hour operations are suspended and staff are furloughed, except for executive level employees. So, it appears that no audits will be conducted during the shutdown.

OFCCP: The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has suspended its operations during the shutdown.

OSHA: OSHA will be suspending all operations and all staff are furloughed, except for executive staff, compliance executives and IT staff, and executive regional staff. But, OSHA’s website does provide a 1-800 number that should be called to report a workplace fatality, hospitalization, or imminent danger situation.

The government shutdown will impact your ability to E-verify employees and companies will not be inspected by OSHA or audited by Wage and Hour or OFCCP.  But, furloughed employees will also have a tremendous backlog once the government starts working again.