Have you ever thought about your insurance exposures when you are on vacation?

We visited the family lake house this month for 10 days of natural beauty and seclusion.  The house is located on Portage Lake,in the UP of Michigan on the beautiful Keewenaw Peninsula.

keewenawThe UP stands for Upper Peninsula, which is north of Wisconsin and bordered on three sides by Lake Superior.  I am far from home while there, both physically and mentally.  BUT this also means that I am out of network for my medical provider.  Sigh.  The deductible is higher, and coverage is only for 80% of any emergency room visit.  I know this to be true after paying in cash for years of childhood mishaps while away from home. These include: multiple ear infections, two broken wrists, an ankle sprain, one case of peri-orbital cellulitis, a bee sting, a broken tooth, a broken hip bone, and a small but painful burn from the sauna stove.

My children are grown now.  They are launched. But we all still come back to the Keewenaw.  Water skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, watching the Northern Lights, berry picking, jumping from lighthouse rails, and chasing waterfalls is the daily grind there.

Active children have mishaps. Great adventure is not without risk.

Lake Superior shoreline
Lake Superior shoreline

 The natural beauty of the Keewenaw makes it all worthwhile.