NPDBNo doctor wants to be the target of a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Nor does any doctor want to be reported to the National Practitioner Databank.  I recently argued before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in an attempt to remove a doctor’s name and report from the Databank.

My main take-away from this experience: if and when you receive notice that you are the subject of a disciplinary proceeding where your privileges at a hospital are in jeopardy, calling your attorney is a must.  Having privileges revoked through a disciplinary proceeding, even if just for a specific procedure, warrants involving the expertise of an experienced health care attorney.  An experienced attorney can help you navigate through the treacherous waters that are a disciplinary proceeding.  Whether it is obtaining a qualified expert to support your cause or sifting through the evidence, and weaknesses, of the case against you, involving an attorney on the front end can save much anxiety, and expense, in trying to remove the report after it has already been entered.