Of course I say this in jest, for doesn’t everyone think that insurance is dry, boring and dull?

Well I for one don’t!  My friends and family tease me incessantly about this Blog, my legal work, and how a sentence of two in a policy can get me all riled up for either the policyholder or the insurer, depending upon the cause.  Words are our inventory in this industry.  How can that NOT excite you, I say to them?  This is a business of language; and language brings power, joy, understanding, sadness, passion and change.

Ho hum.  Sigh.  Those of us involved in the insurance world get our own fair share of tongue-in-cheek laughter out of how our zeal for the subject comes across to others.  The movie Cedar Rapids, starring John C. Reilly as Dean Ziegler epitomizes this humor.  Dean Zeigler (Reilly) is so passionate about selling insurance that he says to another salesman during the course of the insurance convention in Cedar Rapids:   “Lemke may have been a class-A deviant, but what the *&%^ does that have to do with selling insurance?”

In other words, WE KNOW WE ARE ODD!  But we have found a home in this industry.  So I say, embrace it!  Toss out these fun facts in a dry manner at your next party, and see how your friends react to your deadpan wit. Then let me know about it in this blog.  Let’s celebrate your place in this industry, no matter what it is you do.

  • What job did Jack Nicholson’s character, Schmidt, retire from at Woodmen of the World Insurance?  ANSWER: Actuary
  • What job did Ned  “The Head” Ryerson, played by Stephen Tobolowsky below, have in the movie Groundhog DayANSWER:  Insurance Salesman