As you may know, the Nebraska Legislature is back in session. During the first ten days of the session, senators may present bills to be considered throughout the session. So far, over 400 bills have been introduced.

I’ve come across two bills that may be of interest to Nebraska’s Construction Industry and they both relate to construction liens.

Legislative Bill 3—This bill, introduced by Senator Krist, would require that when a lien is filed, the filer must also provide an addressed, stamped envelope with the name and address of the owner of the real property. A certified copy of the lien will then be mailed to the owner. It’s not clear whether the county sending a copy of the lien eliminates the filer’s obligation to send a copy of the lien to the property owner after filing.

Legislative Bill 289 – This bill, introduced by Senator Lathrop, allows a contractor to file a lien on real property even in those situations when the contractor contracted with a broker for the property and not the real property owner.

These bills will move on to committees for debate and I’ll keep you posted on their status.