I recently read a great article in Associated Builders and Contractors Construction Executive magazine describing how industry groups are coming together to create the Construction Coalition for a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace. The Coalition’s mission is to provide employers with the resources necessary implement drug and alcohol policies and eliminate substance abuse related incidents from the job site.

The Coalition consists of a number of industry groups, including Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America and the Construction Industry Round Table. Justin Chapin, of Willmar Electric Service, emphasized the importance of this industry-wide initiative, noting that an impaired worker on the job site is a danger to all employees on the job site.

The Coalition has created a web site that contains information about drug testing, including a drug testing policy, states’ drug testing laws, and a pledge that employers can sign to show their dedication to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Substance abuse policies are a great tool for any employer. A well publicized drug testing policy may help you get quality applicants. And, a well drafted drug testing policy will help ensure that you take the proper steps in testing your employees.

So, do you have a drug testing policy? If not, maybe that’s something to put on your list of New Year’s resolutions.