Anne Marie O’Brien was the headline speaker at a continuing education seminar for over 100 local insurance industry professionals on December 13, 2012. 

            The group of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America is more commonly known by its acronym: The Big I.  It is comprised of professionals from both Nebraska and Iowa. 

            The presentation focused on recent legal decisions affecting property and casualty insurance.  The members of the Big I have frequently asked Mrs. O’Brien to speak on a variety of insurance topics so that members can reach their continuing legal education goals.  At the seminar, Mrs. O’Brien discussed several, seminal Nebraska Supreme Court and 8th Circuit decisions of first impression that affect insurance coverage and limitations.  These include Nelson v. American Home Assurance Company, ___F.3d__ No. 12-1638 (8th Cir. Dec. 6, 2012); Buckeye State Mutual Ins. Co. v. Humlicek,284 Neb. 463, __N.W.2d __ (Oct. 12, 2012) and D & S Realty, Inc. v. Markel Insurance Co., 284 Neb. 1, 816 N.W.2d 1(2012) among others. 

            The members had numerous questions as to how these decisions affected their industry and whether they should give additional advice to policy holders who may be looking for this type of coverage. 

            Mrs. O’Brien speaks often to insurance industry groups in the Midwest on coverage issues, policy interpretation, legal nuances of insurance law and other issues that relate to policy holders.