With the Missouri River back in its banks, farmers along the Missouri Valley are left wondering how to repair their farmland.  Scour holes and several inches of sand may hinder productivity in the affected areas for a long time if the land is not properly reconstructed.  Farmers must also consider how they will repair the land while staying in compliance with various Farm Bill programs.

Flood affected farmers should plan to attend the “Farming after the Flood – Farmer Perspectives and Agency Resources” webinar on December 14 at one of several locations.  The webinar is intended to provide information on government resources, planning for 2010 planting season, and program compliance measures.  The webinar will include:

A discussion on how to repair fields physically and biologically;

An overview of flood recovery programs;

Information on long-term land retirement programs;

Impacts of flood on crop insurance; and

Resources to ensure compliance with Farm Bill programs.

For more information on the webinar and host sites available please visit the Iowa State University Extension website or the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension website.