The NLRB has again delayed the date by which you must post the employee rights poster.

This poster was originally to be posted in November, then by January 30, 2012. Now, posting requirements are delayed until April 30, 2012. You can read the NLRB’s press release here.

The NLRB explained that this latest delay was requested by the federal court hearing the challenges to the rule. Those opposing the rule, like the National Federation of Independent Business, claim that this is the first victory in their effort to see that the unlawful mandate, which vastly exceeds the Board’s authority, is halted.

Regardless of the rhetoric surrounding the rule’s delay, know that you do not have to post the employee notice poster until at least April 30, 2012. You can get a copy of the notice here.  As the issues surrounding the posting requirements continue to unfold, we will keep you updated.