After Huskers disheartening loss to a Northwestern team just about everyone believed the Huskers would beat, I immediately turned my thoughts to the angle for this blog and how the Huskers could still win the Legends Division and Big Ten Championship with it a bit perseverance and preservation.  As my first major college football experience and memories emanate from walking into a jam packed Beaver Stadium with my father, I was beyond excited about this blog.  Until just recently, the old time Penn State Football Banner purchased for me at that game still hung on the wall of my boyhood bedroom.  It was just above my bed for over twenty years. Coming from a household where football, college football exactly, was king, I remember the Penn State versus Alabama Sugar Bowl like it was yesterday.

Then, the horrific news broke from Happy Valley and the disturbing Grand Jury Report was released to the public.  As the weekend progressed into the week, a firestorm of national media descended upon Happy Valley, and the legacy of Penn State University and Joe Paterno was undone by one decision, action or inaction by a multitude of seemingly responsible persons.  At that point, I knew that I would no longer be able to write about a football game between two of the most storied programs in the history of college football.  To write such a blog would simply be hollow, meaningless and, most importantly, terribly insensitive.  In the context of all of the events, just a tiny bit of perspective would tell anyone it is just a football game.

In the aftermath of the events of the last week, I will take away at least one important lesson we can all apply to our personal and professional lives, our decisions, actions and inactions count and no matter the pace of our lives or the difficulty of the situation, that is where we are judged.