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17 Jan, 2017

This Has Nothing To Do With Insurance

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My daughter's TV show called Teachers is premiering tonight on TV Land at 9:00 CST. The Hollywood Reporter and other  TV Critics have given the show an A+. Katie O'Brien is the second from the right.  She is a writer, producer and star. CHECK IT OUT!!!      

9 Jan, 2017

Partner Anne Marie O’Brien Receives Outstanding Service Award

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Congratulations to Partner Anne Marie O’Brien who received the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel (NARTC) Outstanding Service Award.  The award is designed to recognize members who provide exceptional and outstanding service to the NARTC.  Anne Marie is the current Vice-President of the Central Region.  She is a member of the NARTC Executive Committee, Future Planning Committee, Jury Instruction Committee, Site Selection Committee and Program Committee.  She is a faculty [...]

5 Jan, 2017

Subrogation Variations

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My Dear Readers, you must all be wondering whether subrogation can arise in all insurance cases – and if so, how?  Those of you who are addicted to the drama of insurance coverage, you know the answers.  Don’t be shy.  But for the rest of us, a basic primer might be in order.  It’s the new year, so let’s refresh.   1.     Contractual Subrogation The parties agree that one [...]