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27Mar, 2020

Dismissal of Federal Railroad Safety Act, § 20109, Whistleblower/Discrimination Complaint

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Attorneys Tyler Spahn and Nichole Bogen obtained the dismissal of a Federal Railroad Safety Act (“FRSA”), § 20109, complaint on behalf of the railroad following a hearing before a U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge. The employee claimed his dismissal from the railroad for being absent without leave was discrimination for reporting work-related injury and argued that he only had to show he attempted to comply with the railroad’s leave [...]

26Mar, 2020

Refresher on Nebraska Ag Liens Pt. 7: Seed and Electricity Lien

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- A lien for the person who supplies seed or electrical power used in crop production- Although not exactly peanut butter and chocolate, the Nebraska legislature decided to shoehorn lien protections for the seed dealer and electric company into one statute.  It is important to note that the dealer and power district do not have a lien on all crops, but only those "crops produced from the seed furnished or [...]

26Mar, 2020

LDM COVID-19 Resource Center

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Please take time to check out our newly added COVID-19 Resource Center link on our website.  We have recently set up the Resource Center as an important site to provide information to our clients as to how the pandemic may affect their personal life, business and any current or future legal issues.  Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions that we can assist you [...]

12Mar, 2020

Partner Craig Martin – Keynote Speaker

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Craig Martin, a partner at Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP, was the keynote speaker at the Construction Law Seminar hosted by Goldleaf Surety Services on Tuesday, March 10th. Goldleaf Surety Services helps contractors and other businesses obtain the assistance needed to secure bonds. Mr. Martin discussed the following topics: Contract Clauses—What they mean and suggestions to revise the contract Chasing Payment—Following the contract, filing a lien, and litigation This seminar [...]

3Mar, 2020

Partner Nichole Bogen – NE Supreme Court Win

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On an issue of first impression, the Nebraska Supreme Court recently held that the district court lacked general personal jurisdiction over a corporation in Nebraska for an injury occurring in Texas. In Lanham, the plaintiff injured himself when he struck and broke his foot with a sledgehammer while removing clips on a track project near Houston, Texas. At the time, he was a resident of Nebraska working on a Texas [...]

18Feb, 2020

Craig Martin – Presenter at the 2020 NUCA of Nebraska Annual Conference & Projects Preview

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Craig Martin, a partner at Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP, was a presenter at the 2020 NUCA of Nebraska Annual Conference & Projects Preview. The National Utility Contractors Association of Nebraska is the leading trade association and voice for the utility construction and excavation industry in Nebraska. It serves as the driving force for improving conditions in the underground utility construction industry, for both open-cut and trenchless contractors. Mr. Martin presented on [...]