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Transportation Law

14Jun, 2022

Dave Schmitt Secures Summary Judgment for BNSF Railway in Two Separate Toxic Tort Lawsuits

By |June 14th, 2022|Categories: Transportation Law|0 Comments

Dave Schmitt, a partner at Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP, secured summary judgment for BNSF Railway in two separate toxic tort lawsuits. The United States District Court for the District of Nebraska dismissed both cases finding they were time-barred by FELA’s three-year statute of limitations, 45 U.S.C. § 56. In [...]

5Apr, 2022

A Cautionary Tale

By |April 5th, 2022|Categories: Latest News, Transportation Law|0 Comments

Every pilot who holds a medical certificate has at one time filled out Form 8500-8. Form 8500-8 is the form we all fill out when we apply for medical certificates. Form 8500-8 asks us, among other things, to disclose whether we have ever been diagnosed with a series of medical [...]

4Feb, 2022

Nebraska Federal Court Grants Summary Judgment on Statute of Limitations in FELA Toxic Action

By |February 4th, 2022|Categories: Transportation Law|0 Comments

In Anderson v. Union Pac. R.R., 7:18-cv-5010 (July 6, 2020), the Nebraska federal court granted the defendant railroad’s motion for summary judgment on the statute of limitations in a toxic action filed under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, 45 U.S.C. § 51 et seq. The plaintiff filed the action on August [...]

4Feb, 2022

The Importance of Securing Medical Records Before Taking a Plaintiff’s Deposition

By |February 4th, 2022|Categories: Transportation Law|0 Comments

In a personal injury case it is important to secure all of the plaintiff’s medical records before taking a plaintiff’s deposition. Medical records are important to determine the nature and extent of the claimed injury. Reviewing medical records in detail will provide insight whether a plaintiff complained of the same [...]

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