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5 Aug, 2020

FIGG Bridge–Debarred for 10 Years?

2020-08-04T07:34:32-05:00August 5th, 2020|Construction Contractor Advisor, Debarred, Federal Construction Projects|

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) suspended FIGG Bridge Engineers, Inc. from participating in any federally funded projects and has proposed a 10-year debarment, which would bar FIGG from performing work on any federally funded or assisted projects. The FHWA decision to bar FIGG is based on FIGG’s involvement with the 2018 pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University’s campus.  As you may recall, the collapse killed six [...]

27 Nov, 2012

Are Individual Sureties Under Attack?

2012-11-27T08:00:19-06:00November 27th, 2012|Surety|

The National Association of Surety Bond Producers is pushing a bill called the Security in Bonding Act that will require individual sureties that provide bonds on federal projects to use only assets that can easily be liquidated to quickly fund legitimate claims. It would also require that those assets be placed in the custody and control of the federal government until the project is completed. Individual sureties are individuals - [...]

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