Committed to Quality Representation

Lamson, Dugan and Murray is committed to offering quality representation in Litigation and Corporate matters. Our depth of practice areas enables our clients to receive the best in responsive, cost-effective, specialized representation.

Administrative Proceedings »

We handle administrative proceedings for a variety of government agencies at the local, state and federal levels of government. Well versed in administrative regulations, our attorneys are capable of initiating, preparing and litigating claims in most administrative forums.

Agricultural Law »

Our attorneys cover the entire field of agricultural law from agribusiness structuring to litigating on behalf of farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and insurance companies. We offer experienced representation in all agricultural matters including: land use disputes, water rights, lease agreements, pesticide contamination, crop insurance and disaster assistance, estate and succession planning, employment law, and environmental and regulatory compliance. Please visit our Agricultural Law Guide blog.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration/Mediation »

We have lawyers well experienced in arbitration and mediations and are frequently selected as referees. Arbitration and mediation can be preferable to litigation, as methods of dispute resolution because of the increasing cost of litigation, and significant financial risks of litigation. We work with clients to explore all dispute resolution options to pursue the methods that will give the client the most cost-effective, expedient conclusion with the best possible results.

Business Counseling »

We provide counsel for both for-profit and not-for–profit business entities. Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of industries, fields and professions, enabling us to offer a broad variety of representation areas, from commercial law to trust and estates.

Business Failures, Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights »

We offer counsel for all kinds of insolvency cases. We have extensive experience with the federal bankruptcy code as it applies to businesses.  Debtors, creditors, creditors’ committees and trustees are all represented by Lamson, Dugan and Murray. Our attorneys also occasionally serve as Chapter 11 trustees on the request of the creditors and creditors’ committees.

Business Succession Planning »

We create customized solutions to address the unique circumstances of each client on a wide variety of business succession planning needs. These needs include buy-sell agreements, family business succession planning, as well as grooming of management, finding outside management and incentives for young business owners. For every client, we work to create succession plans that help the client’s business flourish.

Commercial/Business Litigation »

We have extensive experience in a broad array of commercial litigation areas, from fraud to complex bankruptcy litigation to lender liability. Our attorneys can take on most any commercial conflict such as contract disputes/breach of contract.

Construction Law »

We are well versed in all aspects of the construction process from the perspective of owners/developers, contractors and lenders. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with complex construction claims and disputes involving litigation, arbitration and mediation. We are experienced in drafting and negotiating construction contracts on behalf of owners/sureties, architects, contractors, material suppliers and subcontractors, and have assisted with liens and bond claims. Please visit our construction law blog, Construction Law.

Employment »

We handle employment litigation cases for employers, employees and insurance companies. We manage disability appeals and regulatory work for social security litigation. From negotiations with administrative departments, to hearings at trial and to appellate workers compensation tribunals, our attorneys handle employment litigation at all levels.

Employment Law »

The firm assists clients in employment matters on behalf of employers, employees and insurance companies. Our experience includes consulting and litigation on matters pertaining to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, civil rights violations and contractor disputes. We advise clients in the development and implementation of programs and practices that reduce the possibility of litigation. When litigation cannot be avoided, our experienced employment attorneys defend our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Estates & Trusts »

Our attorneys provide counsel to help clients clarify their trust and estate planning goals and create plans to make them happen. The trust and estate planning services include preparation of wills, lifetime plans, guardianship, sophisticated estate and gift tax planning techniques and much more. We also handle litigation of claims related to trusts and estates.

Immigration Law »

Our lawyers have extensive experience in several aspects of the ever-changing field of immigration law. We provide counsel to businesses regarding a variety of employer-based immigration matters.

Insurance Defense and Coverage »

In addition to providing a broad range of insurance regulation services, we represent many diverse insurance clients and their insureds in insurance litigation cases, including bad faiths claims. Our attorneys have a great depth of experience in representing many diverse insurance clients. We also provide counsel for insurance/reinsurance arbitrations and have served as members of arbitration panels.

Insurance Regulation »

Our active insurance regulation practice represents regulators, reinsurers and creditors at the state level and before the NAIC. We also provide counsel for insurance/reinsurance arbitrations and have served as members of arbitration panels. Our far-reaching network includes regulators, legislators and insurance industry contacts across the country as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.

Mergers & Acquisitions »

Our attorneys handle mergers and acquisitions of all sizes and have assisted clients on multimillion dollar accounts to relatively modest amounts. Representation in this area includes negotiation and closing of asset purchase, stock purchase, tax-free reorganizations transactions, contracting issues related to structure and terms of the transaction and sophisticated tax planning to defer or enhance after-tax results. We are also versed in compliance for Hart-Scott Rodino antitrust and Federal Reserve, and other federal, state and local agencies.

Professional Liability »

Our well-seasoned team of professional liability attorneys defends professional negligence claims. They specialize in representation of health care personnel, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, architects, engineers and real estate property.

Real Estate »

We represent both individuals and companies for residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as borrowers and lenders. Our counsel can handle all legal phases of the acquisition, financing and development of real estate property.

Risk Management and Prevention »

The most effective way to handle liability and administrative costs is to avoid them altogether. We provide our clients guidance on a regular basis about how to reduce the risk of litigation. Our attorneys have worked on risk management with clients with various needs, such as hospital medical staffs, corporate directors and officers and insurance companies. We also offer preventative legal audits, risk management assessments and litigation prevention training.

Taxation »

Our attorneys offer counsel on a wide range of taxation matters, including tax planning for individuals, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We assist clients with qualification, planning and operation of tax-exempt organizations and trial and appellate practice in Nebraska and federal courts. We also offer tax counseling on complex planning issues and tax litigation.

Torts and Product Liability »

We regularly act as a defense counsel in a variety of tort claims and provide defense for companies in product liability cases and personal injury cases. On a limited basis, we also represent plaintiffs in auto liability, premises liability, product liability and insurance coverage disputes.

Transportation Law »

Our Firm has over 25 years’ experience handling FELA, crossing accidents, third party and commercial litigation for a major Class A railroad and certain short lines. As National Counsel for the railroad, the Firm has litigated cases throughout the system in multiple jurisdictions. In addition, the Firm has represented regional and national motor carriers and their insurers in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

Workers’ Compensation Law »

Workers’ compensation law is one of the many kinds of employment issues we handle regularly. Our attorneys are experienced in state and federal workers’ compensation policies and represent employers at all phases of settlement to resolve cases in an expedient, cost-effective way while guarding the client’s best interests.